Turn any surface into an interactive board

A new technological way to increase interest and engagement with the audience for modern educational institutions.

this guarantees that we provide you with fast and quality support and provide timely updates
the solution is suitable for all types of educational institutions, because it enables the use of interactive functions during the classes
Use interactive lessons, give presentations, write and draw on the screen and engage students in teamwork
CamTouch could be installed not only permanently, it can also be used portably and transferred to the certain rooms

What is CamTouch?

CamTouch is a device that allows you to turn any projector or monitor into an interactive board that can be managed with a special stylus.
It is compatible with all the files and applications that are installed on your computer, now you will be able to work with them using the stylus

Thanks to the unique stylus design, you can work without touching the stylus surface.

With CamTouch you can:

Take notes on screen (write, draw, create, move, resize, save and delete)
Manage presentations (create and delete slides, edit information, focus on certain objects, switch slides)
Fully control your computer on a screen projection, doing all the steps with the help of stylus
Interact with interactive content that is installed on your PC

More than 180 classes use CamTouch


CamTouch makes learning in schools, kindergartens and colleges more engaging and effective and enhances the effectiveness of presentations by adding interactivity, clarity, and engaging listeners.


Out-of-school educational institutions
Preschool educational institutions
Schools and lyceums
Higher education institutions
Engage more students during the lessons
Educate and demonstrate training materials to a large audience
Give a bright presentation and easy to manage pictures, graphics, text during the presentation
Use up to 10 stylus on one screen and engage students in teamwork

Try new opportunities

CamTouch is not just a touch screen, it is an opportunity for the teacher and the student to work with the information that requires the world around us and to prepare high-quality specialists.

"CamTouch" is presented in two sets

Basic "CamTouch" and "CamTouch PRO" works with Windows. CamTouch works in single and multi-touch (up to 10 touch) modes *.

To use the device, you must have a laptop (computer) and a projector, as well as install the "CamTouch" software that delivered with the box with the instruction manual. You should have installed Windows 8 or Windows 10 in order to use multi-touch.

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Why do educational establishments choose CamTouch?

Below we offer you to get acquainted with the types of interactive equipment and compare their differences

OpportunitiesInteractive whiteboardInteractive projectorCamTouch Complex
(When you need to equip more than one class but do not have enough funding for each one)
(Useful option if you already have a projector)


(Convenient to use for short board interaction)


(No direct contact with the surface)
Pricefrom from $ 800
(optional projector required)
from $ 1400from $ 349
(optional projector required)

CamTouch use

Price of the sets

CamTouch is a reliable solution for educational institutions and is a more affordable alternative to interactive boards because it performs the same tasks and has certain advantages such as portability, ease of setup and no-touch controls and one of its main advantages is its price.

With CamTouch you also get:

An overview of online resources for teachers to use ready-made and create their own online tutorials for lessons
Technical support from the manufacturer
Skype consultations on setting up and using all the functions
Official warranty from the manufacturer

Questions and Answers

Answers to typical questions

How does it work?

The CamTouch sensor connects via USB to the laptop, then you need to point it at the projection of the screen so that its borders can be seen, adjusting it, you can use the stylus to fully control the screen, as with an interactive whiteboard.

Can I use this with my projector? What are the requirements for the projector?

CamTouch is compatible with any projector or even a TV screen.

Can we buy CamTouch with subsidies for elementary / math / inclusive-resource rooms / media libraries?

Of course you can, because the CamTouch Interactive Complex fully meets the requirements of the Standard Equipment List and is suitable under Nush conditions (see Type 2 Interactive Equipment - a projector with additional interactive features).

What is better: an interactive board, interactive projector or CamTouch? Why?

Identifying a favorite is not easy because each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The main difference between CamTouch is that you do all the stylus and, although it is not possible to control your finger, you can control the board without even touching it, which opens up new possibilities.

And of course, the main advantage for you is that since it is our Ukrainian production, you can at the expense of lower price provide the necessary equipment to a larger number of audiences.

We like when the projector is fixed to the top of the board so that the shadow does not interfere with the work. Can this be done with CamTouch?

Yes of course. You can use the CamTouch not only portable, moving across different audiences, but also fixing it with the projector above the board permanently. If you tell us about your chosen use case, we will definitely help you.

How easy will it be for a teacher to learn to use CamTouch? Do you have any client support, trainings?

It is very easy to use CamTouch: a maximum of 2-3 times to practice for 10-15 minutes. - and you will already be a CamTouch professional.

We personally assist each teacher in working with CamTouch, accompany you throughout the period of use and provide practical guidance and ready-made interactive materials for use in the classroom, as well as you can always contact us and we help every time and, if necessary, conduct trainings for teachers.